Re: Pleurobranchus testudinarius

September 21, 1999
From: Juan Lucas Cervera

Dear Bill:

Erwin's photo is definitely Pleurobranchus testudinarius. This species has been also recorded in Atlantic Ocean (Azores and Canary Islands) (Wirtz, 1995). I think is easy to distinguish it from P. forskalii. The size of the tubercles of P. testudinarius are much bigger that those of P. forskalii. Moreover, in this last species there are several tubercles within each polygonal area, while in P. testudinarius there is only one. On the other hand, the biggest specimens of P. testudinarius may display an opaque white edge of the mantle.

It seems to me that the Mediterranean records of P. forskalii are from Israel.

Bill, is the species Pleurobranchus mamillatus only known from its original description or are there more descriptions or photos?



Cervera, J.L., 1999 (Sep 21) Re: Pleurobranchus testudinarius. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Thanks Lucas,
Concerning Pleurobranchus mamillatus. As I mention in Erwin's message, it has been reported infrequently from various parts of the Indo-West Pacific. I'll put it on my list of pages to prepare.
Bill Rudman.

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