Menfi Workshop

June 17, 1999
From: Bill Rudman

I would just like to record my thanks to the organisers of the Opisthobranch Workshop in Menfi, Sicily, from which I have just returned. There were about 40 participants from many parts of Europe, North America, Venezuela, and Australia, and the standard of lectures, talks and posters was very high. Mrs Vanna Rotolo, who was in charge of the logistics from Sicily, is planning to publish the abstracts on the Conference website within a short time and I will let you all know when that occurs.

The talks covered a broad range of topics and the participants ranged in experience from seasoned professors to students giving their first presentation in English. A pleasant surprise was the financial and logistical support the organising committee received from the Menfi community. I hesitate to name individuals for special mention, in case of missing someone out, but the Workshop would not have occurred without the work of Mrs Vanna Rotolo of the Instituzione Culturale Federico II, Menfi and her staff, and Dr. Renato Chemello (Palermo) and Dr. Juan Lucas Cervera (Cadiz, Spain) who formed the Scientific Committee.

Many of the participants have promised to provide summaries and photos of their work for the Forum.
Bill Rudman.

UPPER: Sardine fishing boats in the Harbour - not only the chromodorids are blue in the Mediterranean. Is this a case of convergence?
MIDDLE: Jean-Lucas Cervera (in white shirt) with 3 happy Californians (Terry Gosliner, Rebecca Johnson, Shireen Fahey).
LOWER: A visit to the Greek Ruins after the workshop finished. (PHOTOS: Bill Rudman).

Rudman, W.B., 1999 (Jun 17). Comment on Menfi Workshop by Bill Rudman. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

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