re: Menfi Workshop

July 17, 1999
From: Shireen Fahey

Hi Bill,
Thought I'd email and say how nice your Sicilian conference comments were on your website! Nice pictures too, if I do say so. We sure enjoyed seeing them, and a few people have commented the same to us. Thanks for putting the pictures up so soon after the conference. I don't know how you had time to do it. I was a bit groggy after getting home. I was falling asleep at 3 in the afternoon for the week following.
It sure was a great time in Sicily and I was so glad to meet you finally. Rebecca and I went to Naples afterward and visited with Guido Cimino's staff in his lab. We extracted some chemicals from the nudibranchs brought to Naples from California by Manuel Ballesteros and his student Anna. I'm collecting some Doriopsilla now for Guido's analysis. Nudibranch chemicals are pretty amazing.

Thanks again for your publicity on your website. It sure brought a smile to us all.
All the best,

Fahey, S., 1999 (Jul 17) re: Menfi Workshop. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Dear Shireen,
I must say I was a bit sleepy myself for a few days. It was an enjoyable time. All I hope now is that all the people who promised to send me stuff for the Forum do so!
Best wishes,
Bill Rudman.

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