Amazing stuff!

December 10, 2003
From: Sean Millard

Hi to all who run this site,
I am currently an undergraduate student in Scotland. I have an assignment to make a scientific poster presentation on feeding mechanisms, in particular suctorial feeding. It was proving difficult to find anything interesting so far and then i came across this site. ITS GREAT!! I never realised that there were such amazing creatures out there with such complex symbiotic relationships as those between Elysia and the algae they feed on! I will be sure to recommend this site to everyone at my presentation.
Keep up the good work!!
Sean Millard

Millard, S., 2003 (Dec 10) Amazing stuff!. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Thanks Sean,
Positive feedback is always welcome
Good Luck with you presentation
Bill Rudman

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