Re: Nudibranch Questions

February 17, 1999
From: Beth Kyd

Dear Bill,
I have read many of the q/a you posted on the Forum and have found many areas where a forum such as this would apply and be quite helpful to a lot of people! It's a great idea and obviously your Sea Slug Forum is quite a hit! I give workshops, technical assistance and consultation in the area of early childhood inclusion (as well as teach) and have thought a lot about setting up a forum such as this one. Maybe when the time affords I can do that, but for now I'm plenty busy enough!
Thank YOU for your positive replies to both me and Dale!
Have a great day!
Beth Kyd

Kyd, B., 1999 (Feb 17) Re: Nudibranch Questions. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

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