More Chromodoris dianae from Sulawesi

December 19, 1998
From: Lindsay Warren

Subject: More Chromodorids from the Tukang Besi, Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Dear Bill    
Many thanks for posting details of Discodoris? liturata as well as the replies on the others.  I have a few more chromodorid queries to clear the backlog from earlier this year and then I will be able to send through more recent finds.  Please find attached:    
OWN14 - probable Ch. dianae, Length 3cm, found at a depth of 14.2m on red encrusting coralline algae.  Some gills had black markings on the inside towards the base.  Photo: Jane Marshall.
OWN17 - probable Ch dianae. Length: 3.8cm, found at a depth of 14.3m. Looked as if it had been feeding on very small hydroids growing on Polycarpa pigmentata or on the tunicate itself although this was felt to be doubtful as it was heavily covered with algae and other lifeforms.  Mantle and body very mottled with white - under the microscope the white specks were found to be raised.  Photo: Adam Powell.
OWN21 - probable Ch dianae.  Length: 3.2 cm.  Found at a depth of 5m on a wall crawling on coralline algae.  Only four tips of gill filaments were slightly orange and this could only be seen under the microscope.  There were also some black dashes on the outside of the gills.
OWN36 - ? possible Ch dianae.  Length: 3.5 cm.  Found at depth of 22m on olive green soft moss-like sponge in strong current.  Orange retractile lamellate rhinophores.
OWN43 - ? possible Ch dianae.  Length: 3 cm.  Found at 12 m on macro algae. Orange retractile lamellate rhinophores. Photo: Adam Powell.
I now have details of shots sent through previously:
OWN02 - Chromodoris strigata - 1.3 cm
OWN10/1 -Chromodoris annae - 1.5 cm
OWN18 - Chromodoris dianae - 3 cm
OWN22 - Chromodoris elizabethina - 25 mm
If you would like any other details, please let me know and hopefully I will have this on the data sheets.
Many thanks for all your help.
With best wishes
Lindsay Warren

Warren, L., 1998 (Dec 19) More Chromodoris dianae from Sulawesi. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Dear Lindsay,
Thanks for the pics. All the above fit Gosliner & Behren's description of Chromodoris dianae. Two of them (OWN14, OWN21) are the colour form with yellow-tipped gills, and the other three (OWN17, OWN36, OWN43) are the form with the yellow-lined gills.

Your mention of OWN17 feeding on hydroids or the ascidian is unlikely as all other chromodorids we know the food of, are sponge feeders.

Thanks for the other information. I have put it with the relevant message.

Best wishes
Bill Rudman.

Rudman, W.B., 1998 (Dec 19). Comment on More Chromodoris dianae from Sulawesi by Lindsay Warren . [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from


Chromodoris dianae

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