Flabellina pedata from Holland

June 18, 1999
From: Peter H. van Bragt

Hallo Bill,

Thank you for your Email.

I assume that you had a good time in Sicily. Did you manage to do any diving and good nudi spotting there??

Here in the Netherlands we have a small but rather active group of people involved in nudi spotting. Rob Dekker (Netherland Institute for marine research) coordinates a database for the the Dutch observations.

I myself am very active on collecting data for the database, but also in underwaterphotography. May be it is nice to put the following on the bulletin board as well:

On June 10, 1999 I have spotted a new species, Flabellina pedata, for the Dutch coast. It is a known species for the Atlantic coast, Adriatic and Mediteranean, but until now it was unknown in the Netherlands.

It was first found in the Oosterschelde at  Plompe Toren (Burghsluis), the Netherlands, feeding on remains of Eudendrium sp.

Feel free to use the attached pictures for your site. [I have used 2 of the pics Peter sent me. UPPER: a studio shot of the first specimen recorded and LOWER: a specimen from another location in the Oosterschelde in the Netherlands -- Bill Rudman]

Keep up the good work with your Forum

Greetings from the lowlands

Peter H. van Bragt

Courses and ProjectManager
Training centre (TMB) & CTT
Faculty for Science and Technology
Concordialaan 137,  4874 NS ETTEN-LEUR
P.O. Box 280        4870 AG ETTEN-LEUR
The Netherlands


Dear Peter,
Thanks for your comments and the pictures of Flabellina pedata. I think this is probably the correct identification for Xavier's species but without the specimen or a photo we can never be sure.

I'm afraid we didn't do any serious collecting in Sicily but it was a very good opportunity to meet up with colleagues, compare notes, exchange ideas etc.

Is the database you mention accessible on the web? If so I could put a link to it. If not I would be happy to put any images from Holland on the Sea Slug Forum as a reference collection for your diving colleagues.

Best wishes,
Bill Rudman.


Flabellina pedata

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