Re: Food of Discodoris atromaculata

February 15, 1999
From: Juan Vicente López-Canales

Hy Bill!

Thanks for your answer. I try to send to you some photos about the place where I dive and "collect" the Discodoris and some photos of this animals.

The last I saw in the stomach of one of this animals is a kind of jelly with some Petrosia spicules. I think it could be to protect the stomach, but I try "investigating" this.

See you at the web. Bye.

Juan Vicente.

López-Canales, J.V., 1999 (Feb 15) Re: Food of Discodoris atromaculata. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Dear Juan Vicente,
I look forward to some photos and to hear some more about your studies.
Bill Rudman.

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